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Why '123456' is a great password.

By Antone Gonsalves, Network World

Researchers say the simplest passwords are useful within a strategy that saves the hardest-to-remember credentials for the most critical sites and services....

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Wave of 100Gbps 'mega' DDoS attacks hits record level in 2014.

By John E Dunn, Network World

Huge DDoS attacks are becoming a regular occurrence with over 100 incidents breaching the psychological 100Gbps barrier that used to be seen as signifying trouble, new figures from Arbor Networks have confirmed.....

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China working on Linux replacement for Windows XP.

By im Greene, Network World

China is working on a Linux operating system that can replace the now-vulnerable Windows XP and protect the country’s networking infrastructure. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will “beef up support for the development of such an OS,” according to China’s state news agency Xinhua....

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Heartbleed Bug hits at heart of many Cisco, Juniper products.

By Ellen Messmer, Network World

The Heartbleed Bug, a flaw in OpenSSL that would let attackers eavesdrop on Web, e-mail and some VPN communications, is a vulnerability that can be found not just in servers using it but also in network gear from Cisco and Juniper Networks. Both vendors say there's still a lot they are investigating about how Heartbleed impacts their products, and to expect updated advisories on a rolling basis...

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9 reasons users won’t ditch Windows XP.

By Howard Wen, Network World

On April 8, Microsoft will stop support for Windows XP: meaning, no more software or security updates for the nearly 13-year-old OS, despite it still holding onto just under 30% of the desktop OS market (according to NetMarketShare). Microsoft wants XP users to upgrade to a newer Windows OS, preferably Windows 8.1. Yet many people are determined to hold on -- you’ll have to pry Windows XP from their PC’s cold, dead hard drive. Here are 9 reasons why....

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